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Questions For You!


Hi guys! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been posting for so long. I have been really busy with the new school year, dance and so much more. Now all the way into October it’s time to start chatting about Halloween! This year is going to be a lot different for me because I will be in Disneyland to spend the time. In your comment I would really like to hear what you are gonna be for Halloween and see what your looking forward to. In the fallowing  I am going to start trying something really new and what I gonna start trying is for every post I will have a hint showing what my mood is so you can really try to slip into my shoes and see clearly what my day has bee like and how I feel. Oh I almost forgot I’m gonna be a nerd Minny this Halloween. Hope you can comment! Happy Haunting!

candy corn 01


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A New Writer!


writer Lee Murry

Before I tell you what I’m posting about I haven’t been posting for awhile so I’m going to take a challenge and write 4 blog posts so I hop you get to each one. What I’m posting about is a new writer that my class just met. Her name is Lee Murry and she lives in New Zealand. Tomorrow my class will be skyping with her from New Zealand. Now I will tell you some things about her. She has been in a marathon. She has a little brother. She has worked as a scientist. She wrote the books Baby Teeth, Battle Of The Birds and A Dash Of Reality. When I checked out her own blog I got a exited feeling about her books! I really hope that I will get to read her books! What is your favorite writer and have you read one of Lee Murry’s books? Comment back and tell me. I hope you are looking forward to the other 4 posts I’m making!


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Color Poems!



This week I’m posting on color poems. A color poem is a type of poem when you think of things that are the color you picked. I picked the color blue and I wrote a poem with it. Also I will have poems for different colors. I really enjoyed  writing these poems and I hope you enjoy them to! Here is the poem for blue.

color poems

         Blue is the cool crisp air. Blue is a glistening puddle. Blue is a dazzling waterfall. Blue is a beautiful dream. Blue is a shave ice on a hot day. Blue is a sweet blueberry. Blue sounds like the ocean tide. Blue smells like salty water. Blue sounds like a trickling stream. Blue makes me feel calm. Blue feels like rushing water.

shaved ice

That was my poem for blue. Now I’m going to show you my poem for yellow. I hope you like it! Yellow is the sparkling sun. Yellow is a hot summer day. Yellow smells like a beautiful flower. Yellow makes me feel happy. Yellow sounds like the breeze. Yellow feels like a fun book to read. Yellow is a small fuzzy bee. Yellow feels like a mango. Yellow is a sunset.


This is the last poem I wrote. It’s about red and I hope you like it just as much as you liked the others! Red looks like a sizzling firework. Red sounds like a red telephone ringing. Red smells like a dazzling raspberry. Red feels hot. Red makes me feel embarrassed. Red tastes like a sweet starburst. I loved writing these poems and I hope you loved reading my poems and if you have time to write your own poems I would love to hear them in your comment! So feel free to comment!


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The Fun Run!



At school there is a after school class called Striders. It’s when you do fun games to get stronger. Some of the games were blob tag, the cheeto race and more. Sometimes you will get the chance to run our track at school. After about five classes you get to do the Fun Run. The Fun Run is were you run, jog or walk a 1 mile path. Before you do the Fun Run you get a tee shirt and sign your name and the number you picked. when I got my shirt I added a smiley face and a peace sign. I was number 18. Once you have done all the classes and colored your shirt you get to do the Fun Run. Yesterday was when the Fun Run was. I did it and I’m really proud of what I did! After the Fun Run we all got water bottles and got to eat lots and lots of food. I had a water fight with my friends and I got really wet! It was a really fun day! We even had a water fight with some of the boys in my class. I had so much fun and I’m really thankful for all the people who made it happen! If you were there what was your favorite part and even if you weren’t there I still have a question for you. Have you done something like this?  Comment back and tell me!


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A New Movie!


popcorn and film road

This weekend I went to see a new movie. The movie was called Legends Of Oz. The movie is about a girl named Dorothy who returns to Oz to help her friends. My friend and I went to see the movie together. In the movie Dorothy gets carried of by a magic rainbow and into Oz. She finds out that lots of people in Oz are in trouble because of the Jester, so she decides to go to the Jester and face him herself. Along the way she meets a owl named Wizzer. I would tell you more about the movie, but I don’t ant to spoil it for you. If you want high flying adventure and action I recommend this movie to you! My friend and I really enjoyed the movie with it’s s.00illy characters and colorful sights. I hope you really enjoy this movie as much as we did and I hope you get to see the movie!


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Mothers Day!


In a few days it will be Mothers Day, and my Mom is very special to me. So to get ready my school is writing poems. Mothers Day is when you celebrate your Mom. I love Mothers Day because it’s in May and I love doing things for my Mom. I am going to bring my Mom flowers and if your willing to do another deed for your Mom then you should try this challenge. The challenge is to write a poem for your Mom! I also love to know what you did or are going to do so feel free to comment! I love Mothers Day and I hope you have a good Mothers Day and I hope to get a comment from you!


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Leadership is a new subject that we are studying at school. It is important that we know what leadership is. Leadership is when you lead the way in a confident way, but that is not all.  Leadership is also when you know what’s right and do it. Last year we learned about Great People. My great person was Eva Peron. She was a great leader because she inspired people to help others in her country.   She did her best to show that she was strong and could do important things to help change people’s lives for the better, like getting them food, shelter, school, jobs and health care. I think leadership is very important because everyone should be a leader. If you have a dream you can  use leadership to reach it! I use leadership to reach my goals so I know you can do it too. I was a leader when I started my blog and I think being a leader is really fun, but when you get the confidence to have leadership there is one thing you have to watch out for. It is that you should try not to be bossy. The best leaders can lead in a kind and generous way. I hope you are a leader! I would love to hear about the ways you show leadership, so feel free to comment!

snoopy 333

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Goal Setting!


In class we have been talking about goals and goal setting. My goal is to reach my splits in dance. To give ourselves a really good chance of reaching our goals we test the goals in a test called a S-C-C-A-B test. It means is your goal specific, committed, challenging, adjusting to feedback and last can you believe in yourself. Once I ran my goal through the test I felt I could reach my goal. I hope you reach your goal!


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Easter is coming and I’m so happy! Every year I get so happy that my family gets to eat yummy things, play fun games and dye Easter eggs. On Easter we eat bunny shaped bread and butter. We also get a Easter basket to open. My favorite part is having a Easter egg hunt. In the morning we open our baskets and then have cinnamon rolls! After we go to Church. At Church we have a quick Easter egg hunt and the we go to my Grandmas house. We have lunch and dinner there and then we play games. After a while my family calls it a night and we head home. I always have a great Easter and I want you to have a great one too!


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Earth Day!


I have been getting ready for Earth Day. It is when you spend a day helping the Earth. Some of the things I have been doing to get ready are planting trees, using reusable containers, recycling cans and bottles and turning off the lights. At school I found out that lots of people throw away things that they can use again! We have to take care of the Earth! So clean up trash and take care of your home Mother Earth! I hope you have a great Earth Day!

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